Hair Extensions

Invisible Hair is remarkable innovation in the technology of hair additions and Janet Waddell is an expert in the use of this system. She works with clients within the United States and clients who will fly from all over the world to meet with her at her New York studio.

Invisible Hair is not a hair extensions or a wig. Rather, it is the integration of real hair with your existing hair in a particular area of the scalp to cover a balding area or to add fullness as desired. Invisible Hair matches your natural hair’s texture, color and is so natural you cannot distinguish between your own hair and Invisible Hair. Your new hair will bounce, turn and move just as your own hair does. You can brush it, shower, sleep, exercise in it and run your fingers through it as it is 100% natural hair.

Invisible Hair lasts up to eight weeks before needing to be re-secured to your scalp. A water-tight seal is created by the use of FDA approved medical grade adhesive which allows the new hair’s skin-like base to be securely attached to your scalp. Your hair will continue to grow out undamaged while the grafted addition stays secured to your scalp.

This unique system is suitable for clients who have baby-fine hair, chemically treated and over processed hair, alopecia areata, trichotillomania, hair loss or thinning for reasons such as hormonal imbalance and any other medical reasons that result in patchy hair loss.

Invisible Hair is truly revolutionary, is customized for your specific needs is a convenient and luxurious option to create thicker, longer and more beautiful hair under most circumstances.