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Wig or Topper?


If your natural hair has let you down, or you've lost it completely and you need more coverage, perhaps a wig is the answer. Our wigs are super comfortable and undetectable, and probably the hair you always wished you had.



Toppers are a great way of getting the hair you want by simply clipping the size-appropriate piece onto your existing hair. Women use these hair additions for all sorts of reasons: hair loss or thinning hair, busy work schedules, maybe for a special event, or just for peace of mind. Toppers blend with your existing hair and are your best-kept secret.

Do you accept insurance?

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of the Cranial Prosthesis. I can provide you with an NPI number that the insurance companies need so they can reimburse your expense, but I cannot process that for you.


Is your hair all human?

Yes. Wig Atelier only uses the highest quality European hair.


How long can I expect my hairpiece to last?

That depends on how it is looked after and how often it is worn. Generally, expect to see them at their best for 1 to 2 years, but I have clients wearing pieces for much longer. After a year or so, you could make your first wig or topper into the backup piece that you wear to the gym/beach, etc. It's a good idea to have two pieces if possible, so you have a backup if anything happens to the first, and it is less noticeable when you go from the old to the new.

Please note; Lace top wigs/toppers generally last around one year as the cap is more delicate and fragile


What are the care instructions?

Brush it before and after wearing to avoid matting, carefully, from the ends to the roots. Treat your hairpiece like a delicate blouse. Hand wash very gently. Hairpieces can be washed about every four weeks using a gentle shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.

It is essential to rinse the hair well to avoid any build-up of products that can make the wig look oily. Less product is better.


Limit using sprays or oils as they cause more build-up on the hair.

Can I use heat on the pieces?

Yes. Treat your wig or topper as if it is your hair. Curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers are all fine to use.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I ship wigs and toppers internationally.

I do not ship Capilia hair products internationally.

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